Wall Printing USA launches in Wilmington


Highest quality 2D images that appear to be 3D due to 2880 DPI Resolution with The Wall Printer

Mural painting businesses can prove to be difficult on their own, but by bringing a wall printing machine on board, both the task and business become significantly easier to manage. With the comfort of an affordable, profitable and an accessible machine, you can focus on expanding your business and horizons, rather than worrying about the costs and time of a handmade mural.  

The Wall Printer printing an image example

The concept of this machine itself proves to be a benefit – as it’s automatic, there is no need to pay a team of artists. Murals that are handmade by an individual, or a team of artists, require time and skill. Through the use of an automatic machine printing digital images, the cost is instantly lowered, making it more accessible for a greater amount of people. 

The Wall Printer is reliable, and takes a significantly shorter time to complete the murals. The printing speed varies on the resolution – the higher the resolution, the slower the painting time – but in general, the printing speed is 27 square ft. – 720 square feet per hour, depending on the resolution. 

For more information about The Wall Printer, or to start your own Wall Printing business, visit https://wallprintingusa.com/

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