WiFi Advertising, Mobile And Digital Coupon Use Still Climbing

mobileMoneyThe recent economic hard times hurt just about everyone – with the exception of the mobile device industry. I’m not saying that they weren’t affected, but app developers turned smart phones into devices that consumers rely on to help save money.  When it comes to coupons, there are still more print ones being redeemed but adoption of digital and mobile coupons continue to rise.

• This year, over 96 million adults will use a digital coupon, that equals nearly half of all US internet users

• By 2015, that number climbs nearly 10% to almost 105 million users

• In 2012, nearly 40% of digital coupons used were mobile in nature

• This year, mobile will be responsible for nearly half of all digital coupons. That’s a year over year increase of nearly 25%

• In 2015, it is estimated that 60% of all digital coupons used will be mobile.

• In just 2 years, the number of mobile coupon users is expected to climb from 46 million to 63 million – a jump of 37%

What Does This Mean To You?

Just about every aspect of consumer life is moving in a mobile first direction.  Developers continue to invent functions that save consumers time & money and make their lives more convenient. These are the aspects that phone manufacturers promote and we’ve seen that smart device adoption contuse to climb.

Couponing is one of the easiest ways for your business to capitalize on the new mobile reality. Your own current customer list is a great starting point. Through email and permission based SMS/text campaigns you can expand loyalty with your current customers.  To extend your customer base, make the mobile coupons shareable. Because social media is also becoming a mobile first function, include digital coupons in your social media tactics.  Social sharing can really help you take your couponing strategy to new heights.

Proximity advertising, using WiFi access points is a very inexpensive way to deliver coupons and other promotional messages, and give free WiFi access to your consumers that might benefit from this – e.g. coffee shops, restaurants, auto service waiting rooms, etc.  Engaging customers and getting their attention with your promotional message in exchange for giving them something that is to their immediate benefit is a smart way to do business, attract customers, and gain loyalty.

For more information on how to integrate mobile into your business, please contact: Paul Baron by email paul@webtelmarketing.com or visit http://www.webtelmarketing.com


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