Why WiFi – Better engagement, attention, always opt-in

M2G node broadcasting WiFi BTMeet the demands of engaging todays audiences. Media2Go uses the popular WiFi and Bluetooth signals to transmit rich media directly to mobile phones

 Go Where The People Are

The world wide web is quickly turning into a much more mobile experience, so we want to be where the people are.  That’s why Media2Go specializes in distributing rich media to WiFi and Bluetooth enabled phones in all types of environments. People love their smartphones and love staying connected.

The popularity of these simple technologies makes them the perfect channel to engage large audiences.  They’re easy to use and people have already made them part of their daily routines. Whether it’s connecting to Bluetooth headsets in the car or free WiFi at the local coffee shop, these signals are here to stay!

Branded WiFi and Bluetooth Signals

Media2Go captures the attention of everyone in the vicinity with branded signal names displayed on all mobile devices.

Free for Consumers

WiFi and Bluetooth are the fastest and simplest ways to connect with the masses.  Best of all, it’s entirely FREE for the end users.  There’s no need to download applications or sign up to services, just connect to the signal and you’re ready to go!


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