Mobile Marketing: How Big Will It Get?

Landing Page McDonaldsIt may be hard to believe, but the mobile marketing boom hasn’t even really started. We likely don’t comprehend what mobile marketing will look like in 10 years or 20 years.

You might be saying: ‘What are you talking about? Mobile marketing has already exploded. It is already huge.’

You’re right. It is.

Mobile marketing spend increased by roughly 150% in 2011. Around 2 billion dollars were spent on mobile marketing in 2011. Mobile marketing is big RIGHT NOW. But the most exciting thing about mobile marketing is how big it isn’t.

The mobile marketing boom hasn’t really even begun at all.

Why do we believe this? Well, there are several reasons. Here are a couple:

Not Yet ‘Mainstream’

Even though mobile marketing is currently very important, it still only represents less than 4% of the total global ad spend! Think about that! Marketers aren’t even prioritizing mobile marketing! It has not yet reached ‘mainstream’ status.

What will happen when it becomes 7% of ad spend, 10%, or even 25%?

A Majority of People Don’t Yet Own Smart Phones

Nielsen recently released a report that shows 43% of all U.S. mobile phone owners use smartphones. Now, certainly that is a sizable group. But that means the majority of Americas STILL don’t own a smart phone.

The implications here are simple and staggering: mobile marketing has a great deal of room to grow. 57% of mobile phone users are a totally untapped by mobile marketers; they don’t even have smartphone!

Eventually, they will.

Here’s the point: while it seems that mobile marketing is already popular, we are not even scratching the surface of its potential. Mobile marketing right now is like Michael Jordan during his rookie year in the NBA—just at the edge of an enormous period of utter and complete domination.


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