Mobile Marketing Too Large For Brands To Ignore

Big Brands Are Going Local In 2013. Mobile marketing is among the top 3 marketing mediums brands and retailers want to add to their existing mix with over 35% planning to add it to their arsenal with local blogs and online customer reviews being the other among the top 3.

Clearly the newest frontier – no Captain Kirk, not the final frontier – is mobile marketing. All marketers know its value. They see its enormous potential.

Proximity Marketing or Location Based Advertising, using WiFi to engage customers at the point of purchase presents a compelling ROI to merchants and shopping venues, restaurants & coffee shops. Media2Go solutions should be explored and then deployed in addition to, not in lieu of, other mobile and local search engagment applications and opportunities.

Social media, digital signage, local search, mobile optimized websites – they all have a place in consumer marketing and engagement. But nothing drives business by consumers who are right outside (or inside) the doorway to a merchant better than a compelling image, promo, coupon, video clip, or message delivered to the smartphone device, as a shopper is prepared to make a purchase decision now!

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