Why Mobile Video Is Set To Explode

Engage mobile shoppers with compelling video clips

Mobile video has historically been held back by a single factor: bandwidth. But 4G LTE is changing that, and mobile video is already more popular on the faster wireless networks.

Mobile video is quickly becoming a mass consumer phenomenon, much as digital photos were earlier in the smartphone adoption cycle.

In a new report, BI Intelligence analyzes the impact of 4G LTE and device design improvements on mobile video growth, examines who watches mobile video and how they watch it, and details the mobile video monetization opportunity.


Here’s why mobile video usage is set to explode:

  • Significant mobile device growth to come: Over the last two years, the U.S. mobile video audience increased 77% to 36 million viewers. The U.S. smartphone market is relatively mature, but globally, we are still early in the smartphone revolution. Plus, tablet sales are expected to explode in the coming years.  More mobile devices means more mobile video consumers, and more mobile video consumption.
  • Increase in 4G LTE accessibility: 4G subscribers in the U.S. are 33% more likely to watch a video on their smartphones than the average mobile user. Increased accessibility to 4G LTE and improvement in bandwith generally should mean more mobile video viewing.
  • Mobile video viewing appears to be additive: Mobile offers new opportunities for video viewing, as smartphones and tablets offer options in terms of both when and where content can be viewed. This plays perfectly into the increasing trend of consumers accessing more and more content on the go and on demand.
  • Device design also helps: Smartphones are now integrating larger screens and speedier processors. And the increasingly popular mini tablet format is perfect for on-the-go video.

This is all great news for proximity advertisers, for example – movie theatres sending out trailers to consumers shopping in malls, or at nearby restaurants.  Timing is perfect for a trial of mobile WiFi + Bluetooth location based marketing from Media2Go this holiday season …. drive more business to theatres and stores with compelling short video.


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