Microsoft promoting Windows 8 launch with free Wi-Fi in NYC, San Francisco

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The Media2Go proximity advertising platform for WiFi + Bluetooth is an ideal solution for national brands seeking engagement with mobile consumers who are right at the point of sale. Just as Microsoft sees the opportunity for its launch of Windows 8 on October 25, followed by its launch of Windows Phone 8 on Oct. 29th, any local or national brand can find its audience, present coupons, video, or any targeted message to the mobile device (smartphone, tablet, flip-phones, notebooks) and also offer free WiFi internet access at appropriate venues.

From restaurants to movie theatres, from retailers to shopping malls and lifestyle centers, from digital signage at convenience stores and gas stations, Media2Go location based marketing can deliver more new and loyalty customers, and drive traffic into stores.

From the Microsoft press release:

As part of the holiday promotion, Microsoft’s sponsored Wi-Fi is immediately available for users of all Wi-Fi enabled devices in six Manhattan subway stations, supported by Transit Wireless’ state-of-the-art network, and across Wi-Fi hotzones covering iconic San Francisco locations including Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, UN Plaza, the Financial District, Nob Hill and more. Microsoft will also sponsor Wi-Fi via more than 200 Manhattan hotzones, starting November 1.

WebTel notes: The Wi-Fi hotspots combined with proximity advertising solutions from companies like Media2Go, enable brand advertisers to reach target audiences through high engagement Wi-Fi sponsorship.

For more information about a trial proximity advertising campaign for your brand or location, contact today.


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