Shopping malls, tenants, and shoppers all benefit from ad-supported WiFi service

Media2Go’s patent-pending proximity advertising platform currently provides WiFi sponsorship and advertising at hundreds or locations and events in more than 11 countries. Now launching in the US, Media2Go and its partners will provide sponsorship for expanding this initiative.

Media2Go and its shopping mall partners have prior experience running retail WiFi sponsorship programs in Israel and other locations worldwide. The WiFi sponsorship model allows advertisers to deliver targeted offers, video, rich media and more to engaged users connecting to public hotspots in exchange for free access. These promotions are appreciated by consumers and can be used to drive foot traffic, loyalty, and transactions for both mall tenants and national brands.

Over $230 billion is spent in US shopping centers each year, notes Paul Baron, Managing Director of WebTel Marketing, the US distributor for Media2Go. With an increasing percentage of shoppers connecting to WiFi on their smartphones as they shop, retail WiFi sponsorship represents a massive opportunity to engage interested users on their own devices right at the point of purchase. And only Media2Go offers both smartphone users and older Bluetooth-only connected mobile phones to engage with advertisers with received promotional messages.

Media2Go WiFi and Bluetooth hotspots deliver internet access. Giving users something in return for their attention is a smart way to engage with an audience. It creates better balance between the needs of a marketer and the end user/potential customer.

WiFi has broad coverage these days in places like airports and hotels, where people are sitting down for extended periods to do work. It remains less common to date, however, in in-market venues like malls, where the audience tends to be more actively shopping, or taking a short break between stores. This makes the audience particularly receptive to useful, relevant advertising that is location-specific. Additionally, venues like big-box retailers can use Media2Go streamers to engage in-store shoppers with alerts and short-term promotions by brands.

Wireless and broadband providers see that shopping centers have begun to realize that WiFi is a ‘must-have’ amenity. With a flood of WiFi enabled phones, media players, tablets, and e-Readers pouring into shopping malls combined with the use of social media and shopping apps, it’s no surprise that shoppers want WiFi to make the shopping experience better; all truly complement each other.

Malls offer a unique opportunity to deliver hyper local (location based) advertising, by device type, in high traffic, in-market locations, to a population that relies more and more fully on mobile devices to make decisions while shopping. This market will represent a particularly interesting opportunity for advertisers in food, entertainment, fashion and electronics to work with Media2Go, WebTel Marketing, and our channel partners to make contact with some of the 197 million American adults who visit a mall each month, staying an average of 1.3 hours per visit.

Media2Go seeks broadband and wireless services providers to partner to bring free WiFi access to select malls, airports, hotels, and convention centers across the United States.  Contact for more information on becoming a Media2Go proximity advertising partner or customer.


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