Time to try Proximity Marketing – Order a Media2Go Starter Kit Today!


Media2Go WiFi + Bluetooth Streamer

Bottom line … there’s only one way to prove your promotion to a location-based mobile audience – try it!  It’s simple, it’s affordable, and you can have a campaign running in under 10 minutes. We’re making it easy to get your Media2Go WiFi/Bluetooth streaming hardware, including 3 months use of our MAS ad manager cloud software … only $320 + shipping!  That’s for one media streamer and 3 months service using our ad management software.  Just Try It!  Simplicity and Results will dictate your continued use. If you’re a retailer, try it in your store. If you want to become a dealer, or are an ad agency, marketer, mall or airport 0r convention center property manager, get one for you to try today!

Contact Paul to order your Media2Go Proximity Marketing Starter Kit today!  We’ll send you a PayPal invoice and promptly ship your Media2Go streamer and 3 month trial software license.


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