Mobile Marketing Solutions

Engaging on-the-go consumers with contextual marketing messages at the right moment and at the right place opens up endless opportunities. From promoting brand awareness, through affecting point-of-purchase decisions, and up to offering discount coupons – the ability to deliver targeted messaging to consumers, tailored to their location and context, delivers compelling results.

Media2Go’s solutions facilitate such proximity marketing, allowing you to deliver rich media and content wirelessly to consumer’s mobile devices – such as wallpapers, video clips, games, music clips, vouchers, coupons, or links. Using the Media2Go end-to-end platform you can create, deploy, manage, and analyze location based marketing campaigns.

Leveraging Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® technologies, Media2Go offers a range of media streamers acting as content‘hot spots’ that wirelessly deliver rich content in a designated area. A web-based management system, the Media2Go Advertising System (MAS), lets you remotely upload content to selected hot spots, control in real-time the delivery of content, and analyze statistics regarding user engagement and acceptance rates.

Using Wi-Fi, hotspot links may be individually branded, and customized promotional content can be delivered during the user’s hotspot login.

Giving users something in return for their attention is a smart way to engage with an audience. It creates better balance between the needs of a marketer and the end user/potential customer.

Media2Go supports a wide range of phones and mobile devices, including iPhone, Android Smartphones, Blackberry, iPad, as well as any laptop, notebook or tablet.


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